New Jersey Man Working to Turn Aberdeen Movie Theater into Craft Brewery

By Caren Lissner

While growing up in the old Morganville section of Marlboro, Scott Novick, 38, enjoyed seeing films at Strathmore Cinemas in Aberdeen Township, a smaller alternative to the chain theaters, and a place where he and his sister remember watching the now classic ’80s teen flicks.

Novick graduated from Tulane University in 2004 with a communications degree and went to work for VH1.

“I was always into movies, always into cinema,” he said in a recent interview. “I took cinema classes at school. I never enjoyed big theaters; I enjoyed the smaller theaters, like Strathmore before it became Bow Tie [in 2013].”

A man of many passions, he grew tired of corporate life. While working at VH1, he frequently brewed beer with friends at home. When layoffs came to his company, he took a severance package and enrolled in an online beer brewing course run by a company in Vermont. Then he became an apprentice at Jughandle Brewing in New Jersey.

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