Craft Beer and Crypto Collide in New Alternate Ending Beer Co. Limited Release Can



Craft Beer and Crypto Collide in New Alternate Ending Beer Co. Limited Release Can
Alternate Ending Beer Co. Licenses Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for Grisette release

Aberdeen, NJ: Today, Alternate Ending Beer Co. released a beer can with a licensed Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Licensing a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for a limited-edition beer can label was the brainchild of Evan Hecht (aka @nftsniperbot) and Ross Cohen, co-founder of The Lifetime Value Company, who presented the idea to Alternate Ending Beer Co.'s Scott Novick, and Alexis Castellano. Novick and Castellano recognized the enormous potential of utilizing a Bored Ape for commercial use and a fun way to collaborate and merge the world of craft beer and NFTs. 

Hecht and Cohen, both active in the NFT community, licensed Bored Ape #3500 exclusively to Alternate Ending Beer Co. Alternate Ending Beer Co. worked with John Turner, of award-winning branding agency BoysBurnsBarn, and new artist Alex V. to weave the Bored Ape NFT into its own unique can design inspired by street art. Featuring the Bored Ape being spoon-fed peas on the label, the aptly named “Drink Your Peas” beer is a grisette made with malted peas, a first time in the United States. 

“We look at our beer cans as not just a can but as a canvas for amazing art, and a vessel for the love that we put into our beer,” Novick said. “Featuring the Bored Ape NFT on the can is just the next iteration of that!”

The new grisette is made with malted peas provided by local distillery 3BR. Already a romantic style from old-world Belgium, this delicate farmhouse beer is usually light and dry, but the malted peas balanced out that dryness with a touch of sweetness.

The company is releasing a limited number of 4-packs to the public. In addition to beer cans, there will be limited-edition hand-numbered posters featuring the Bored Ape NFT, as well as a select number of beer glasses with the Bored Ape NFT sometime around Christmas.

Customers can preorder their limited edition 4-pack, along with other available Alternate Ending items through BeerBroadcast until 12 pm ET, December 17, 2021. If purchasing later than 12 pm ET on December 17, head to the Alternate Ending Beer Co. website or DM the company on Instagram for more information.


About Alternate Ending Beer Co.

Alternate Ending Beer Co. is a destination brewpub set in an old movie theater located in Aberdeen, New Jersey. It is a social gathering space where people come from near and far to drink delicious beer, have an incredible meal and watch one of their favorite movies on the big screen in the theater room. All of the signature craft beer is brewed on location with a state-of-the-art brewhouse, and specialty beers include Juicy IPA, traditional lagers, oatmeal stouts, and delicate mixed cultures. Alternate Ending Beer Co. partnered with Talula’s of Asbury Park to provide a casual yet vibrant menu centered around sourdough square pizza pies, which are perfect for pairing with beer.

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