" Do or Do not. There is no try."
Scott Novick, co-founder of Alternate Ending in his homebrew days. Meet Scott. The brains behind the beer.
Not so long ago, in an industry far far away, sits Scott, a senior manager for a large media giant, staring into his computer screen but dreaming of bigger ventures...bigger adventures…and better beer. He knows he needs a plan. Scott, always a home brewer, has been told over and over again, “Man, your beer is delicious!” Scott thinks to himself, "What if I were to sell this beer everyone raves about?" Just then the opportunity arises - it's corporate layoff time!  Where some see sorrow, Scott sees opportunity. Jumping at the chance for a severance package, Scott leaves for brew school, and from there scores an apprenticeship at New Jersey’s Jughandle Brewing. Then, fate dawns upon Scott once again…a chance to work at Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn. But of course, there’s a catch; he’ll be washing a never-ending supply of dirty kegs.  With his sleeves already rolled up, Scott washes those kegs like none other and learns all he can from the experience at one of America’s finest breweries. Within weeks he earns a role on the brewing staff. Dream come true, end scene, roll credits.

Only Scott’s story doesn’t end here. Let’s take it back to him on the Other Half Brewing team, learning all he can from the masters in a chaotic, yet dynamic environment. Living in New Jersey, driving to Brooklyn, NY every day, right past the small local movie theater he frequented as a kid. Then, one day, he hears it’s going to close down. Just like the start of this story, Scott stares into his windshield while stuck in the endless traffic of his commute, and dreams of bigger ventures…bigger adventures…and of course, better beer. “What if I were to sell this beer everyone raves about, in the movie theater everyone used to rave about?” It’ll be the perfect merge of his two favorite things, movies and beer.  (Insert hard-working businessman montage here: papers flying everywhere, recipes written on his kids' chalkboards at home, meetings with landlords, pitching business plans to friends and family, brewing at Other Half, brewing at home…) Just like that, the movie theater is saved and Scott’s dream is now a reality.

That, my friends, is the origin story of Alternate Ending Beer Co. When asked about the road ahead, Scott’s only response is: “Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.

End scene, roll credits.

… but wait, can that really be the end of Scott’s story? Personally, I doubt it.  Cause in this story Scott proved one thing. The ending is never prewritten; if you work hard enough and dream big enough, we can all have an Alternate Ending… and to that we say, “The Dude abides.”

Scott's vision for Alternate Ending Beer Co.
Locals claim it as their own. Curious seekers make it a destination. Set in a former movie theater, our brew pub is completely comfortable, almost familiar and nostalgic. But it offers something unique. Alternate Ending is welcoming to families as well as craft beer lovers thirsty for the limited edition and the novelty glass. Friends can gather here for a special private party, and movie lovers can catch an old flick. Movie scores, from the familiar to the obscure, play in the background and a faint smell of popcorn mingles with the beer and food. There’s a chance for everyone to connect with an old movie memory, and savor the highest quality craft beer and gourmet food made from the freshest ingredients.
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